Product types

Business loans

A business loan takes many forms. It can be secured against a single asset of the business or over all the assets. It may be interest only and for a term up to 5 years.

Car Loans

A car loan is an amount of money you can borrow in order to purchase a car. If you cannot afford the lump sum payment for your future car and you need help, a car loan might be right for you. Please visit our loans page for more information.


A lease is a contract providing you property, e.g. car, truck, for the amount of time you can pay the rent. Leasing is another way for you to avoid paying a lump sum amount on the purchase date. Leases have a residential value that you (lessee) are liable for.

Commercial High Purchase (CHP)

A CHP is a commercial finance product in which you hire a car from a financier. Each month an instalment is paid. These instalments are drawn out in a payment plan based on the CHP agreement.

The financier purchases the car on your behalf, and hires it back to you over a distinguished amount of time. Over the period of time you will have full use of the vehicle but you will not own the vehicle. This protects you against depreciation costs.

Equipment Finance

Equipment finance are deals for obtaining equipment for your company. There are normally three options to choose from when dealing with equipment finance. These are commercial loan, finance lease, commercial hire purchase. The financing amount usually has minimum of 15,000 and is paid back between 1-5 years. The financing may be set for the life of the asset. Please visit our loans page for further inquiry about financing a piece of equipment.

Business Insurance

Insurance protects your business assets, e.g. furniture and fixtures, computers against theft and fire. It usually covers public liability. Please visit our insurance page to see which plan is right for you.

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