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A student is a person enrolled at any college or university.

Students are fantastic at living off the “smell of an oily rag” and the idea of saving or investing given that there is limited spare cash seems difficult to comprehend. Particularly if the focus is on the next overseas adventure or buying a car. However, a simple strategy is to “salary sacrifice” a few extra dollars each pay into your superannuation, or a high yield cash management account. It is our experience that most do not miss the few extra dollars and the discipline will produce long terms benefits.

Casual/Part timer

A casual worker is a person working only when needed by the employer.

A part-timer does not work every full-time hours.

Working casually or part-time can be really difficult if you do not manage your finance properly. Check our financial planning page for more details.

Full-time worker

A full-timer is a person working on all opening days at opening hours. Once we start full time work we experience an urge to spend. To use our new found wealth to have a bit of fun. However, while it is important to enjoy ourselves, most people when they have just started full time work still have the budgeting mind set of a student. This means that if you save some of your income you will not miss it. The best way to do this is to have it taken out of your pay and put into an investment.


An investor expects financial returns through putting his money into products. An investor’s goal is to invest in high-reward financial products. Check our insurance bonds and private equity pages or contact us.


A couple is two people living with each other. Sharing your life with another is a big step in someone’s life; make sure to put all chances on your side by making the right financial choices.


A family is composed of a couple and at least one child. We acknowledge that taking care of your family is one of your biggest responsibilities, if not the first. Therefore, we are convinced that making the right choices can make your life easier and help you improving your children’s future. Check our financial planning page or contact us for more details.

Single Parent Family

A single parent family is composed of one parent and at least one child. We know that taking on your children’s education yourself can sometimes be difficult. Making the wrong choices can have life-changing outcomes. We can help you, check our financial planning page or contact us for more details.

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